Beer Garden

The beer garden is located in the center of the second level directly across from the mutuels counter. This is the only spot in the building in which patrons can get a $5 pint of Arizona craft beer. Guests have ten different beers to choose from including:

Prescott Liquid Amber Ale

Prescott Ponderosa IPA

Four Peaks Sunbru

Four Peaks Grapefruit Radler

Lumberyard Diamond Down Lager

Lumberyard Humphries Heff

Oak Creek Nut Brown

Barrio Rojo Red

Mother Road Tower Station IPA

Mudshark Brewing Havablue

For those fans who are looking for a little more zest, we have a craft your own bloody-mary stand next door to AZ Craft Brew Central. Fans can get creative and customize their bloody mary to their own choosing.