First Floor

Main Concession

The main concession stand is located on the first floor in between the doors to the apron area. This location also offers a full bar. Patrons can choose from the following food and beverage:

  •  Jumbo Hot Soft Salted Prezel
  • Nachos
  • AZ Downs Quarter Pound Hot Dog
  • Beer Brat
  • Chef Salad
  • Ice Cream
  • Daily Starter: Danish, Muffin, Coffee
  • Assorted Potato Chips
  • Soft Drinks and Bottled Water

Second Floor

The second floor houses a variety of different eating options.


The Cantina is located on the south side of the second floor nearest the elevators. Fans can order beef and chicken fajitas with sides or they can get tornados with ranchero steak or southwest chicken. The Cantina also has Estrella, Michelob Ultra, Landshark, and Modelo on tap. Don’t miss out on these southwest favorites.

The Bar

We have a standalone bar offering an assortment of libations on the north end of the second floor near the stairs up from the first floor.