Wayne was born December 31, 1928. He grew up in Kena, New Mexico, where he and his brothers worked for ranchers in the area. His uncle got him interested in racing and Wayne rode match races throughout the region.  Wayne got his first racing license in 1956. He galloped for and worked under some of the best trainers of the era. His training was part time at first, as he worked in the Pot Ash Mines to care for his family.  In 1981 he started racing full-time. He always had time and a smile for anyone in need. Wayne loved his horses and cared deeply for the people he worked with on the track. He mentored many young trainers, grooms, and jockeys along the way.  Thus, the nickname of “Papa Bear” which people still call him today. One of his greatest training accomplishments was a horse called Pies Royal Request, who won 14 consecutive races, tying the world record.   The media referred to the two of them as “Pie and his Guy”.  Wayne also trained other world champions “Sign it Super” and “Rylees Boy”.  Wayne was inducted into the AQRA Racing Hall of Fame in 1991. Wayne officially retired from racing because of a lung disease. Over his vast racing career, he saddled 3,468 horses, winning 486 of those races. In that time, he collected over 1.6 million dollars in earnings, all on bush tracks and Arizona racetracks. He passed away June 8, 2015.  His wife Loretta Brasher and family are presenting trophies to the winning owners, trainers, and jockeys of both races today.   The family wishes to thank everyone for honoring his memory.