The basic or “straight” wagers newcomers become familiar with are Win, Place, and Show. In the past, all three required a $2 minimum bet, but some tracks have begun taking $1 bets. The minimum bet at Arizona Downs is $2. Unlike Place and Show bets, Win bet odds are shown on the tote board, TV monitors, or on your screen if using another device.


This wager, as its name implies, requires that your chosen horse finish first to collect on your wager.


The Place bet requires your chosen horse to finish first or second. It’s easier to cash than a Win bet, but the payout is often smaller. If your horse does win you will still only collect on the place payout.


The easiest of the three straight wagers. The show bet requires your horse to finish first, second, or third. Being the easiest wager to cash the payoffs are often low, and if your horse finished first or second you will only collect on the show payout.


This is a Win, a Place, and a Show bet all in one.

A $2 across the board will cost $6 as it is 3 bets in 1.