The Horsemen’s Guide

The horsemen’s guide strives to list any information horsemen need for the meet. If you are looking for bookkeeper information please click here as that information has its own page.



Training Schedule

Open for Training May 25, 2022. Gate Available June 3, 2022!


  • Training Hours are 6am to 10am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with a renovation break at 8am
  • Gate schooling days will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • The track is closed for training on Wednesday
  • Horses may not be jogged on the inner rail during training hours 
  • All exercise riders, jockeys, trainers, outriders, pony persons, and others on horseback will be required to wear a safety helmet which meets the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM 1163); UK Standard (EN-1348); or Australian/New Zealand (AZ/NZ 3838) while on or proceeding to/from the racetrack
  •  All exercise riders, jockeys, trainers, outriders, pony persons and others on horseback will be required to wear a safety vest designed to provide shock-absorbing protection of a BETA 2009 or 2018 Standard as defined by the British Equine Trade Association (BETA) while on or proceeding to/from the racetrack 


Equine Admittance Requirements 

  • All horses shipping to Arizona Downs must be accompanied by a current Coggins, a health certificate dated within 30 days of arrival, and an equine herpes inoculation dated 14 days prior to shipping and no older than 120 days. All current vaccinations are recommended. 
  • Horses on the grounds may be subject to veterinary inspection or drug testing at any time.  
  • EHV-1 vaccine: No fewer than 14 days old and no longer 120 days old.


Stabling at Arizona Downs 

  • All horses must have prior approval by the racing secretary to participate in the racing program. 
  • Please contact Shawn Swartz to confirm stall assignments prior to shipping (602)-803-2358. 
  • All horsemen must submit a signed and dated application and be approved and assigned stalls by the racing secretary for admittance for stabling purposes at Arizona Downs. Any additional requests for stabling must be approved by the racing secretary and will need a signed permission slip and have an assigned stall prior to admittance to the barn area.  
  • Absolutely no dogs or chickens on the backside.
  • Arizona Downs reserved the right exclude any horse or horseman from the grounds for any reason. 
  • Arizona Downs will reduce the allotment of stalls to any trainer not meeting minimum requirement participation levels. 
  • Any unoccupied stalls may be reassigned to other trainers. 

Exercise Rider/Pony Rider Track Safety Rules For Arizona Downs

  • All riders must have a current license for the specific job they are doing including trainers/assistant trainers. Trainers/assistant trainers must have an exercise rider license to gallop their own horses and pony license if they are going to pony any horses. Exercise riders must have an exercise license. Pony riders must have a pony license.
  • All persons riding a horse must wear a safety vest and helmet that are properly fastened at all times while riding anywhere on the Arizona Downs backside or track. All riders must wear appropriate riding footwear. No riding in tennis shoes or flat soled shoes. Shoes must have a heel of at least one half inch.
  • The outriders will open and close the track at designated times and no one is allowed to enter the track until outriders are present and the track if officially open. Please do not enter the track after it has been closed.
  • When galloping or ponying a horse you must remain at least twenty feet off the inside rail. The inside rail is for workers only.
  • When backtracking you must remain within twenty feet of the outside rail. No galloping allowed when going the wrong way on the track. Backtracking is for jogging only. When horses are being solo ponied or being assisted by a pony person either the pony horse or the racehorse must be kept at a jog.
  • When the starting gate is open for schooling, you must use caution wen backtracking a horse in front of the gates. Please follow all directions from officials if given. When the starting gate is set in the quarter chute, please use extra caution in gate area when passing by the starting gate to enter or exit the track.
  • When the safety siren is on, horses are NOT allowed to proceed onto the track to train. If already on the track, pull up and proceed with extreme caution. Follow directions by racing officials (outriders) when given in emergency situations.
  • Working horses is not allowed when the siren is on.
  • Earphones or any other device that impairs the ability to hear the safety siren or fellow horsemen during training is not allowed at any time on the track.
  • Cell phone use is not permitted.
  • Pony riders ponying horses to the gate during the races must wear the appropriate dress code. Pony riders are required to wear a white shirt with sleeves and a collar, black helmet and the required safety equipment. No T-shirts or tank tops will be allowed.
  • There is no riding horses anywhere on the Arizona Downs property when there are no paramedics on site.
  • Any person violating the track safety rules will be given a verbal warning on the first offense. Second offense, the person will receive a written warning. If a person violates track safety rules a third time, they will be referred to the Stewards. There will be no exceptions on wearing proper safety equipment as that is mandatory.